Tailored Aged Care for Your Loved Ones in Sydney 

Premier Care specialises in delivering high-quality in-home care for individuals with traumatic brain injury, disabilities, and various types of mental and physical health conditions. As an experienced specialist and aged care provider in Sydney and NSW, we're dedicated to providing a variety of services to meet our clients  needs and work closely with each individual to achieve their goals.

The healthcare industry is continuously expanding. Evidence-based practice, legislation and state regulations guide the workers and service provision to continually improve the standard of service to minimise the risks to the clients, their family and workers.

When selecting aged care and in-home care for yourself or a loved one, you could benefit from advice from a range of organisations that specialise in providing accurate information on specific conditions. Please click on the links provided below to obtain an invaluable insight into some medical conditions and aged care or ask our knowledgeable team for further guidance.

Brain Injury Australia - www.braininjuryaustralia.org.au 
Brain Injury Centre Australia - www.braininjurycentre.com.au  
Better Health Channel - www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au 
Fight Dementia - www.fightdementia.org.au 
Dementia Care Australia - www.dementiacareaustralia.com 
Department of Health and Ageing - www.health.gov.au
NDIS Price Guide 2023-24
NDIS support catalogue 2023-24

To find out more about our various one-to-one aged care services, call us today on 02 9623 6244.