Here at Premier Care, we know that life can sometimes seem difficult due to having a disability. That’s why we tailor our in-home care around your specific needs, to ensure that you can live independently. Giving those with a disability the care and support they need, our professional staff have the expertise and experience to assist you. Helping those living throughout Sydney, we are an independent, privately-owned in-home care agency with years of experience within the industry. 

NDIS Accredited Providers 

To make sure that you receive the right service and support, Premier Care are NDIS care providers. What is the NDIS? The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a national scheme that helps Australians aged under 65 who have a permanent and significant disability. As NDIS approved providers, Premier Care can offer support coordination and can assist with personal activities,  household tasks and development-life skills (amongst others). 


Identifying your individual needs, the current support you receive, your goals and aspirations, the national disability scheme will increase your independence whilst always being on hand to help when you need it. 

When you want to find an NDIS provider, look no further than Premier Care. Making us stand out from other in-home care providers, it is just one of the reasons that you should opt for our care over others in the Sydney area.

What Is An NDIS Plan?

Premier Care can offer an NDIS plan management provider which will help you to complete the NDIS plan if you need it. The NDIS plan itself will include all of your personal details, alongside your goals, requirements, what support you will get funding for and how much funding you are set to receive in the upcoming year. 

What Is The Process?

The first step in the process is working out if you are eligible for the scheme. To be able to access the services, you must:

  • Have a permanent disability which:
  • Affects your ability for economic and social participation
  • Means that you will need the support for a long period of time
  • Reduces your ability to perform actions/tasks and participate in activities without the appropriate support
  • Live in an ‘NDIS transition area’ - which Sydney is
  • Be an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent visa/hold a Protected Special Category Visa
  • Be under the age of 65

If you are eligible, an NDIS representative will get in contact with you, asking you to demonstrate your eligibility – through a series of questions. They will also assist with the NDIS planning process. To discover more information about what NDIS help we offer, take a look at the NDIS support catalogue that we have on our website. Similarly, to find out more about the prices, here is the NDIS Price Guide – this, however, is subject to change, so ensure that you enquire with us about the prices of the services you require.

What Happens in the Meeting and after the meeting?

In the NDIS meeting, they will talk through with you what you need your plan to consist of and what the funding will offer you. Through the meeting, they will create an NDIS plan that provides the right type of support for you. As NDIS providers, we can then deliver these services. 

It’s important to prepare for your meeting. You can do this by:

  • Thinking about what you want to get out of the support services
  • Thinking about your future aspirations
  • Think about any support services that you’ve always wanted

You should also bring the following to your NDIS meeting:

  • A filled out ‘Map my World’ booklet: a booklet which will be given to you to fill out before the meeting.
  • Any relevant documentation 
  • A list of questions that you might have about the plan
  • Someone to support you

Once the plan is approved, it will run for a year – unless throughout that time there is a significant change which requires a review of the plan. When it’s coming to the end of the plan (approximately 6 weeks before), the NDIS will contact you to schedule a plan review which will outline what the goals are for the following year.

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